Nursing Department

The Nursing Department creates a welcoming and safe environment by providing comfort while reducing stress. The driving force of our Nursing Team is the health and well being of the patients, thus the nursing department prides its self as the leaders of compassionate care. Advancement of patients’ care is reached by collaboration with doctors and auxiliary care departments while standing by their families’ side and offering comfort


We lead compassionate care by developing programs which enhance skills, shape a commitment to achieving prominence in clinical practice, education and research and ensure the highest quality of care and further promotion of the nursing profession.  We take great pride in being an integral part of the evolution of Nini hospital. Our plans of care are in line with the hospital policy, and through their implementation, we seek to ensure the most efficient use of our resources while maximizing patient’s rights to quality care.


Through the promotion of specialized vocational training, the optimal recruitment and assignment of staff, we ensure the quality of care offered to our patients. Our staff plays a key role in promoting patient safety through their participation in administrative initiatives designed to promote a culture of high-reliability in quality, safety and service, thereby shaping an outstanding environment of care.