Lecture & Congres

27/05/2014 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS): Coronavirus

                     Presented by Dr. Hassan Mallat, Head of Infectious Disease Unit and Dr. Monzer Hamzeh, Head of Microbiology Unit

08/04/2014 Screening of sleep apnea syndrome

                     Presented by Dr. Zahia Chahine, Pneumologist

20/03/2014 MRI: Indication and contraindication

                     Presented by Dr. Mahmoud Abs and Dr. Chérine Dennaoui, Radiologists

04/03/2014 First use of ECMO in cardiogenic shock in Northern Lebanon

                     Presented by Dr. Raed Osman, Cardiologist and Dr. Karam Karam, Cardiac Surgeon

18/02/2014 Evoking a systemic disease: when and how?

                     Presented by Dr. Jihad Youssef, Head of CCU Unit

11/02/2014 Wilms tumor: A case report

                     Presented by Dr. Ayman Awad, Urologist

14/01/2014 Headache in the emergency room

                     Presented by Dr. Nabil Mohsen, Neurologist