Admission guidelines


Before your surgery, you will be informed by you surgeon to visit the preoperative consultation unit where the registered nurse will collect the necessary information and the anesthesiologist will examine you to obtain an accurate medical history and to ensure that you have all the required tests prior to surgery. These tests may include additional blood tests, an electrocardiogram (EKG) and a chest X-ray.


    • Eating and Drinking

The evening before surgery you may eat a normal dinner. Eating, drinking and smoking should be stopped as of midnight, to prevent vomiting during and after anesthesia. 



Before you are admitted, you may be asked to stop taking aspirin or anticoagulants unless your anesthesiologist or surgeon recommends otherwise. If you are staying overnight, please bring your medications or a list of them.


     Personal hygiene

Take a bath at home the evening before your admission and in the hospital the morning of the operation to avoid getting any infection after the operation.



On the day of your admission, please bring with you:

  •  Your personal identification card

  •  The admission sheet filled by your treating physician

  •  Your insurance card or prior approval form from your guarantor


Upon your arrival to the hospital, please visit the admissions office to collect your medical file.

The admissions agent will ask you to sign a consent form acknowledging that your treating physician has explained to you the risks and complications that might arise from the treatment or the procedure you're admitted for.  You will then be directed to your room.

Our nursing staff will welcome you and guide you to your room where you will be prepared for treatment or surgery.



After surgery, you will stay in a recovery room for up to two hours, where your blood pressure, breathing, temperature, and pulse will be monitored. Once you are stable, you will be moved to a hospital room: your vital signs will be monitored regularly and you surgical site will also be checked for signs of infection.



To make sure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible, here are few things we recommend you bring with you:

  •  Your medication

  •  Comfortable clothing and non slippery footwear.

  •  Toothbrush, tooth paste, toiletries and shaving supplies.

  •  Your eye-glasses, hearing aid, or other aiding devices.


If you are coming for ambulatory (same-day) surgery, it is advisable to wear loose fitting clothes that are easy to put on and will fit over bandages or surgical dressings.


Although Nini hospital maintains a safe and secure environment, we strongly recommend that you do not bring jewelry, cash or other valuables. The hospital does not assume responsibility in case of loss or damage.


If you need to bring an electrical appliance please inform the nurse in charge.